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Newly Remastered 2016

Music composed from the early years to the most recent .
Many of the compositions found here where tailored for Film / Tv agencies along the years.
Now newly remastered and released with an extra new track titled - ' Memories '
Recommended to listen to this compilation from start to finish for an overall best experience. Download here

Returning on Remixing a new Jarre track

After 2007 with my Teo & Tea remix for J.M Jarre, via & Aero, having also the pleasure to receive his latest work on cd as an appreciation for my entry back then, i was delighted to discover once again of another opportunity , to re-invent once more , in my own way, one of his tracks from his latest release, in which i consider very fresh and exciting .
Listen to my version on beatport, aimed towards a more cinematic feel here

ORIGINS - 2016

After composing many laid back / soundscapes and chillout tracks in the last few years, i decided to return with a new composition , aimed towards a more rhythmic tempo track in 2016.
A style that inspired me alot during the 90's, when the electronica scene was strongly emerging .
A time where i also composed and released my first debut album titled ' beyond '

Special mention to Brian Hazard from ( Color Theory ) for his patience and collaboration during the mastering of this track.
'Origins' can now be Downloaded Here

The Marine Project REMIX - 2015

In 2015 , after listening to a remix from the netherlands artist
The Blue Marine that he had made on Ralf Hildenbeutel's tracks, i decided to get in touch with him and started planning for a possible collaboration between us.
In a matter of hours , he humbly invited me , if he could remix one of my previous tracks titled - ' Senses '
Knowing of course about his dedicated work and exceptional sound productions, i obviously accepted and the result was as i expected Remix available for download Here

After the 90's - Back to Logic in PRO style.

After the 90's  - Back to Logic in PRO style.
After trying out and experimenting with a couple of other popular sequencers, i decided to return using Logic as my main platform to make music, since it suites my style of music work, comes handy with it's exceptional sounds and since i used to compose most of my music in my early days with EMAGIC Logic

Latest Studio Album - 2010

After the release of my debut album back in the 90's, where i was humbly pleased by the very good response from various music journalists, and from many people around the world - i decided to return to that kind of music but with a touch of cinematic feel to it.
Like many of my works - "Memoirs Of A Lifetime" - is best listened from start to finish, as i intended it to be ..
Special thanks to cinematographer Jean Pierre Gatt //

Composing for Short Film

Composing for the first time for a film, was something that i knew i would enjoy , since Film music was also the reason why i make music today, having been inspired by such composers to the likes of Mark Snow, Hans Zimmer, James Horner , just to name a few .

This opportunity was my first humble beginning in composing for a motion picture and composing along the character's emotions. You can now Listen to the complete pieces here

In The End is the winner of
Award of Merit in THE INDIE FEST (California) October 2010

Philip Mizzi won Best Performance in the Malta Cine Circle National Film Competition 2009 for the role of PAUL.


I have been previleged for having the opportunity to join other artists and to create something more closely together.
As an artist and a human being, it is like a fresh new spark of inspiration, every time my music is joined with other talented creative people such as the ones listed here.
All tracks are now available for streaning Here